Sunday, April 21, 2013

How does the Genuis Ladder benefit the writing process.

Question 1: How does the Genius Ladder benefit the writing process?
“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” Aldous Huxley

The Genius Ladder benefits the writing process by making writing simple, giving lots of practice with Oral Writing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY weaving the GOLDEN THREAD of FUN into your daily instruction.  Writing isn’t only difficult for our students, we as teachers struggle while teaching this COMPLEX content area. When students get lots of practice they gain more confidence. Any time you engage students limbic systems by weaving the GOLDEN THREAD of FUN, you AND your students win big time! 

Writing is a difficult subject for students and teachers. Students struggle with writing because there are so many BORING, complicated rules to learn. Thanks to Whole Brain Teaching’s HUGE collection of writing instruction tools, writing is no longer boring or complicated. Choose from a number of resources under the ebooks section of the Whole Brain Teaching Website. Genius Ladder is only one of many. There is even an interactive PDF presentation for the Genius Ladder created by Chris Rekstad, a co-founder of Whole Brain Teaching. Whole Brain Teaching helps teachers simplify writing instruction with Super Speed Grammar, The Writing Game, Genius Ladder, RedGreen Marker Editing and much more. 

Students beg to play the Genius Ladder. That’s right… students are BEGGING to practice grammar and writing. They LOVE creating silly sentences. Laughter erupts as the class works to change a BLAH sentence into a GENIUS paragraph. As the students participate in this beautifully simple, yet enriching game they not only learn about parts of speech they increase their vocabulary. They race against the clock to replace the noun, verb, or adjective in the provided sentences as many times as possible. 

Weaving the GOLDEN THREAD of FUN, is a necessity in ANY classroom. If you aren’t weaving the GOLDEN THREAD of FUN… you aren't in a Whole Brain Classroom. The quote at the beginning of my post makes an incredible point. Teachers are so bogged down with all the rules and expectations of data, common core, testing,… that we lose our enthusiasm. We can’t lose our enthusiasm … we have to lead our students to be genius’. 

For more examples of the Genius Ladder, watch program 504 on the Whole Brain Teaching Website. You can also watch Chris Biffle (aka Coach B), cofounder of Whole Brain Teaching play the Genius Ladder in this video found on youtube ( .  Also, watch the AMAZING Jasselle Cruz, fifth grade teacher, lead her students in an action packed Genius Ladder lesson complete with disguise cream ( .


  1. Deanna,
    Here is a golden opportunity to learn the ins and outs of certification posts! To earn your points, be sure to address an overview of the program so it is understandable to newbies, how you implement it, and then evaluate the program for strengths and weaknesses. To get those bonus points, be sure to make a strong connection to Coach B's new book. Proofreading your entry will also be helpful. At one point, you say, "If you AREN'T weaving the golden thread of fun you ARE in a whole brain classroom." Make your message clear! Looking forward to reading your future posts.

    1. Kate,

      Thank you for reading my post. This will teach me that writing and posting a response after a long day when I am really tired is not a good idea. I was feeling the pressure from my lack of points :) I will improve this post and then resubmit on Facebook. (I might be able to copy and paste one paragraph at a time.)