Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thank you Wichita! (Five Step WBT Lesson Template)

I mentioned in my first blog that I went to another Whole Brain Teaching conference. The Para in my classroom joined me at the one day conference in Wichita. He had been interested in the bits of WBT that he had seen in my classroom and wanted to see more! Neither of us was disappointed. I was refreshed hearing some of the information again. Some of the information I had forgotten... but it made so much sense after using the BIG SEVEN all year long!

I have been like a TEACHER ON FIRE! I keep asking myself... why wasn't I doing more this year. I had really just been dabbling in whole brain teaching.

When we returned from Wichita I was actually out of the classroom for another day (Spring caught up with me... gotta love allergies). HOWEVER, my Para had really amped up our rules practice. He had them sit on the floor and review the rules! Apparently they had a blast with this! When I returned they were so excited to tell me about the rules practice. PLUS, they had started recording their records for different 3 peats. LINES, BOOKS, ... they couldn't wait to see if they could break their records!

I was reminded of the FIVE STEP WBT LESSON TEMPLATE. Oh how could I have forgotten about the YES - NO WAY test? My kids LOVE this... and I can see what EVERYONE knows!

For those of you unfamiliar or new to WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING... Here is a quick layout of the five steps:

Step 1 Question: Ask a question (For example: What is a noun?)

Step 2 Answer: Give the answer to the question (maybe even introduce the Power Pix if there is one) with a gesture.

Step 3 Expand: Expand the answer with examples. A table is a noun BECAUSE it is a thing. A teacher is a noun BECAUSE it is a person. A classroom is a noun BECAUSE it is a place.

(I was also reminded at the conference about the BECAUSE gesture. This is wonderful for reinforcing the point)

Step 4 Test: Test for Comprehension: I have been mainly using the YES-NO WAY

I ask a question like... Is a pencil a noun? Students pump their fist and say YES!

Is running a noun? Student point to forehead with both hands and push them out and so NO WAY... as if they can't BELIEVE that I would think running is a noun.

 Step 5 Critical Thinking: Truthfully because of the craziness of the last weeks of school I have only had time for mini lessons here and there... so I haven't been all out on the Critical thinking. But whenever I can remind them of what we have learned and encourage them to use the information in the letters they are writing to their parents and to next years first graders I have been doing it!

(You can find more detailed information in the eBook Whole Brain Teaching Model Classroom on the WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING website)

Okay this BLOG post is long enough... I am looking forward to writing about THE CRAZY PROFESSOR READING GAME and Mind Soccer...

STAY "PAWS"itive

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